Our Services

Change Management Consulting
  ✔ Levels, goals and strategies
  ✔ Measurement system
  ✔ Sequence of steps
  ✔ Implementation and organisational change

Services will include: Recognising the changes in the broader business environment; developing the necessary adjstments for needs; training employees on the appropriate changes where necessary; winning the support of the employees with the persuasiveness of the appropriate adjustments.

Strategic Performance Management:
  ✔ Identification and implementation of cost reduction measures
  ✔ Project overruns prevention plan
  ✔ Preparation of the audit requirements manual/ checklist
  ✔ Simplifying communication of strategic goals scenario planning

Human resource Optimisation:
  ✔ Analysing the current HR inventory
  ✔ Making future HR forecasts
  ✔ Developing employment programmes
  ✔ Design training programmes

Marketing Strategy Development:
  ✔ Develop and implement an action plan of specific activites in the development process;
  ✔ Identifying the audience each activity is targeted to;
  ✔ Specifying the measurement of success;
  ✔ Ensuring enough flexibilty to allow adjustments as necessary; and
  ✔ Stipulating specific individuals of the team responsible for each activity.

Development, replacement and strategic application of key resources. The process will spans over the following four phases:
  Phase 1: Identify Key/Critical Positions
  Phase 2: Conduct Position Analysis
  Phase 3: Develop Succession Plan
  Phase 4: Monito, Evaluate, Revise

Sectoral Study
  The study will consist of three main elements;
  1. A practical data gathering and capacity building exercis in your proposed new service;
  2. An analytical component to model the benefits of sectoral aproaches;
  3. A policy element to determine what would be needed to make sectoral approaches operational as part the intorduction process of the service.